High School Basketball Service, since 1992

Publicity is coveted, but Truthful Evaluations are what is "Needed".

Truthful, to the point evaluations, are available for a one-time fee. An evaluation of the player's skills and which of those skills need further development to enhance recruitment. Consultation services are available for a one-time fee, as well and are available throughout the recruiting process. Consultation services include an in-home visit, at which time the parents and player will receive instruction on the recruiting process. The parents and player will be encouraged beforehand to compile a list of questions to be asked during the home visit. Consultation services will provide information on "how to" insure that the parents and player know how to improve those skills needing further development.

Publicity's Two-Edged Sword

It's only good, until the next practice

Publicity is a great thing, if used "Positively", but not so, if the result is "Complacency". One's publicity, hopefully positive, is a result of a "Perception of Excellence" by OTHERS. Excellence, is usually the result of "Focus and Hard Work. Publicity should be forgotten after an early morning smile, as one begins a new day. After the smile, "Focus and Hard Work" should be the goal of the new day. “Complacency is a sword of two edges. One edge kills hard earned successes while the other edge stops future glories. Israelmore Ayivor Therefore one should know that publicity becomes history, the very next day and There is always room for improvement.

How to know if you are being recruited

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You are being recruited, 1-When you are ranked? No 2-When you get a questionnaire, or letter from a college? No 3-When a college coach is in the stands? No 4-When a college coach comes to see you play? No 5-When a college coach tells you that, he is going to recruit you, or offers you a scholarship? YES