Welcome to the Starhoopers Scouting Service website. I’ve run a high school basketball scouting service since 1995 called by that very name. My name is Mike Talbott. To give you a little background, I played high school basketball at Bartlett Yancey High School in Yanceyville, North Carolina in the 70’s. I entered Middle Tennessee State University in the fall of 1974 and roomed with my high school All-American teammate Sleepy Taylor, but my college sport was baseball. I got to know the MTSU coaches thanks to Sleepy and fortunately, for me, they asked me to be a student assistant basketball coach. So from 1976 to 1978 I learned about scouting services and college basketball recruiting.

While assistant basketball coach at Bartlett Yancey, under my former high school basketball and baseball coach Lindsey Page, beginning in 1987 I also coached AAU basketball. I actually started my AAU basketball team in 1982, which featured all Bartlett Yancey players with the exception of former North Carolina player Curtis Hunter.

I joined the army in August of 1984 and ran sports programs at the US Military Academy at West Point, New York and at Fort Greely, Alaska until 1987, when I again became assistant basketball coach at Bartlett Yancey. In 1995, after attending the AAU17U national tournament at Wake Forest University, I decided to start my scouting service.

I hope you understand that I intend to be fair in my assessment of players. Players and parents I hope you realize that you can rise or drop in rankings. The most important thing for a player to do is play hard and work to improve. Your size, athleticism, God given ability, experience and grades, will have a lot to do with whether you play college basketball or not and where you go. Do your best and hit the books. Send me tapes and clippings.