CP3 13U Wins National Championship

  • August 22nd, 2017

    CP3 2022 National Champs

    Back Row:  Caden Davis, Harrison Alexander, Christian Reeves, Shane Fernald, Jaden Bradley

    Front Row:  Julius Reese, Caleb Foster, Aden Holloway, Jordan Marsh, Brandon Nelson


    This team had it’s leaders, as all teams do, but this team is a champion because every player was ready to play selflessly when called upon. The team moved the ball and they played good team defense.

    These players can forever say that they won a national championship. With continued work, many of these young men will very likely play high school basketball and some will receive scholarships to play at the college level.

    The determining factor of the basketball futures of these young champions will be that which has brought them thus far. Good attitudes, hard work, focus and good teamwork.

    Their individual achievements will depend upon a dedication to fundamentals, individual skill work and the desire to become a better player, while also keeping the attributes of playing selflessly, playing team basketball and playing good defense.

    Congratulations to these young men, their coaches and the parents, all of whom contributed to the success of this unforgettable team.

    The team was coached by Jeff Bishop and Nathan Bradley.

    NBA All Star Chris Paul spoke to the team in Augusta, during the Peach Jam Tournament. Chris is giving each player a championship ring to commemorate their tremendous achievement.

    I hope that these young men realize the dedication it will take to continue their success on the hardwood. I’ve seen Chris Paul play, since he was 13 years old. I can truthfully attest that he has been truly focused on being the best that he can be and that he continues to do so.

    The goal of each of these young men should be to do the same. Not only in the realm of basketball, but when it comes to God, family, country and school.