Truthful, to the point evaluations, are available for a one-time fee. An evaluation of the player’s skills and which of those skills need further development to enhance recruitment.
Consultation services are available for a one-time fee, as well and are available throughout the recruiting process.
Consultation services include an in-home visit, at which time the parents and player will receive instruction on the recruiting process.

The parents and player will be encouraged beforehand to compile a list of questions to be asked during the home visit. Questions will be answered during the face to face consultation with the player, parents and coach, if you invite him.

Consultation services will provide information on how to insure that the parents and player know how to improve those skills needing further development.

Information will be given, by myself on what determines the position that you are suited for in college and why, as well as what you can do to fit the needed criteria for that position.

For questions that you think of later, either call, or email me the question and I’ll will answer those questions, until the day you are out of high school.