Ten Unsigned NC Senior Forwards

  • November 16th, 2018

    Ten unsigned Senior Forwards

    There was some outstanding talent at the November 3, HS Jamboree in Greensboro’s Proehlific Park Complex. Among those outstanding prospects were the ten forwards listed below.

    Nick Evtimov, 6-7 220, PF, 2019, Greensboro Day, Greensboro, NC

    Nicholas Evtimov


    This young man has really emerged as a prospect over the past 18 months. He has a very good feel for the game. He is solid in all phases and he plays hard. He’s an outstanding passer.

    James Leible, 6-7 220, PF, Prep, Washington Prep, Greenville, NC

    He’s a strong forward, whose forte is hitting the boards on both ends of the court. That’s not all he does well however. He’s a solid defender, he posts well and he has soft touch from the high post.


    Firay Ceylan, 6-7 215, PF, 2019, Rabun Gap School, Nagahoochie, GA

    He’s a blue collar forward, who defends and hits th boards. He also has a solid offensive game. He has touch to 16 feet and he’s a very good passer.


    Sam Wolfe, 6-8 215, PF, 2019, United Faith, Charlotte, NCThis young forward hits the boards really well and he’s solid defensively. He has touch within 15 feet and in the paint.


    Joshua Hall, 6-7 200, F, 2019, Moravian Prep, Hudson, NC

    This young man is a very skilled perimeter player. He is a very good shooter from mid-range and he drives the rock to the hole effectively, as well.


    Christian Wells, 6-6 210, F, Prep, Washington Prep, Greenville, NC

    Christian Wells



    This young man, pictured at the top is a very solid basketball player. Offensively, he drives it well and he has a solid mid-range stroke. He’s an excellent defender and a stalwart on the boards. He plays hard, as his father Bonzi Wells did.


    Daniel Lobach, 6-7 205, F, 2019, Moravian Prep, Hudson, NC

    After homeschooling, for most of his life, Daniel ventured to Moravian Prep this year and his game has blossomed. He has adjusted really well to very good competition and he has made himself a definite DI Prospect.


    Jason Thompson, 6-7 190, F, 2019, United Faith, Charlotte, NC

    This forward is a very versatile performer. He can guard big forwards and small forwards, just as well. Offensively, he relies on a nice mid-range stroke, which is solid.


    Jahahri Harvey, 6-5 180, SF, 2019, Northwood Temple, Fayetteville, NC

    This young forward is an above average athlete, with a true shooting stroke, especially from mid-range. He’s a long armed defender, who pressures his man really well.


    Brandon Franklin, 6-9 180, F, 2019, Northwood Temple, Fayetteville, NC

    This young man has grown 5-6 inches in the past two years. He hasn’t lost his shooting stroke, during that growth spurt. He’s solid all around, but his best asset is one that coaches covet and that is a very good perimeter shooting stroke.